Author Topic: Project I don't have time for - yet  (Read 643 times)

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Project I don't have time for - yet
« on: September 19, 2016 »
I'm just putting this out here. Maybe when I retire I can pick it up, or maybe somebody else can run away with it.

Any way, there's been a recent rise in visual programming languages as a tool for teaching programming concepts to children.
Minecraft is also a popular game. So I've been thinking of merging the two to create Code Cubes.

The idea is to have a selection of pre-programmed cubes. Each face represents an input, output or not connected, and can be rotated to suit the positions of surrounding cubes.
Custom cubes can also be built, and compressed into a single cube to create definable functions.

Images and sounds can be assigned to a cube, and I think I need to think this through a bit more. I'm tired.
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