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DBF Summer Compo 2017
« on: May 14, 2017 »

:sunny: Here are the rules! :sunny:

  • Your Demo must be associated with anything about - Summer .
  • You can use any platform that is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Linux!
    • Note about OS: Seems that the majority of DBF users have Win10 compatible OS, so if you are on Linux and if you like, you can make a video of your prod to ensure it will be watched for as many people as possible.
  • You may write something for web browsers as long as it works in IE / Chrome / FireFox (or all!)
  • Wild (Video / Animated) entries are allowed.
  • Procedural graphics entries are allowed as long as it is one single file <16kb no animations allowed, file must not permanently write on hard drive.
  • The following emulators are welcome: Vice, Winuae, Saint, PS2 Yabasic
  • Please give credit if you use ripped sound/gfx, or even better credit the original artist.
  • Please write something new for the challenge, no previously released stuff.
  • Do not use ripped routines. (dlls, libs, fmod, sdl, frameworks etc are fine but say what you used please!).
  • One entry per person maximum.
  • Entries to be posted in this forum please with the title [Summer 2017] entry name
  • Entries may be posted between NOW and until June 21, 2017 23:59 GMT [21th June 2017 - 23:59 GMT]
  • The winner [S?] will be decided by a poll of forum users
  • If 1st place is tied there will be a vote-off to decide the winner.
  • Late entries will not be counted for voting.
  • Please include a screenshot of your entry in your post.
  • Please only post finished work, if you update your entry the final one will be voted on.
  • After the submission deadline You may NOT post ANY further attachments to final or other versions of your entry ANYWHERE on this forum until voting has closed.
  • You may post a video of the entry along with the binaries.
  • The prizes will be in form of good "Karma".

  :sunny:  Here are the prizes!  :sunny:

  • 1st Place  - 20 Karma
  • 2nd Place - 15 Karma
  • 3rd Place  - 10 Karma
  • All entries get 1 Karma

Good Luck!
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