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How to get away from MS/VS/managed code?


I work in vs2015 c#,  which is a beautiful language,  but when you're stuck in the late 80s and early 90's and stupidly insist on doing everything yourself without frameworks it chafes. There is no getting away from GDI. Is it even possible to access the graphics hardware directly anymore without resorting to a framework?  I see a lot of acronyms going around,  which have you had experience with? Any support asm? Basically I'm feeling the itch for something lower level than current Microsoft technologies.

(and if there was any way it could resemble 'work' that would be a plus lol)

There is no way to access graphics hardware directly on today machines, as far as I know, you will need for sure a gfx API, as you may know/heard, Directx or Opengl.

You can use both gfx API with almost all programming languages, I've used both API with C/C++ and ASM.

Speaking in hard work and do everything yourself, the best example I can show you is what the guy on the link below is doing:
Amazing work, lots of info in there.

That's good stuff,  thanks! I've bookmarked the site and yeah,  he's got the do it yourself thing happening lol. I like that. There's something that makes me plotz about being able to open unity and lay out an entire landscape with vegetation that responds to wind in five freaking minutes.  :telloff:

I'm finding the freebasic section interesting. Though what exactly it's doing with the video/blitter seems to be disputed elsewhere.


bit late to this.. but what about monogame? :)


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