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[ TOOL] Color Conversation Tool v3
« on: March 09, 2017 »

RGB 2 HEX Converter v3 2017 // Color Conversation Tool v3

windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 10

32 und 64 Bit Systems

RGB 2 HEX Converter v3 2017 is a very useful and easy to use Color Converter for Web
color codes.

RGB or RGBa to Web-HEX or Web-HEX to RGB / RGBa​

In the upper part, the first button: "Select Background Color", you can choose a
background color, which create the base for the second button below to build a Design Concept
for further use with a nice Font and its color.

Give your Font a nice color and create your personally design. Compare both color and if you're
satisfied, go ahead to use the concept in your project.

(for programmer with PureBasic)
For the color code use under PureBasic it is possible to get the value Converted. Just click on
the button: "$", calculates the color code and can be inserted immediately.



Use the upper part: Compare Background with Font Color

   By default, a color value is displayed as follows:

       #988DC5 (Web Hex Code)
       rgb(152,141,197) (Web RGB Color-Code)

   by clicking on the button: "$" the PureBasic color code is calculated as follows:

       $C58D98 (PureBasic Color-Code)
       rgb(152,141,197) (This value remains unchanged, it's identical)

   by clicking on the button: "#" the web hex code is calculated again


Use the middle part: Convert Web Color from HEX to RGB or RGB to HEX

   This part of the program can be used exclusive and explicit for the fast
   Converting of web color codes.
   So you have e.g. only the RGB or RGBa value of a color and need this as a Web HEX value,    
        simply add the color value to the input field and Press the button, "Convert Color"


      rgb(152,141,197) insert -> "Convert Color" -> Result: #988DC5

      #988DC5 insert -> "Convert Color" -> Result: rgb(152,141,197)

   rgba(152,141,197,1.0) insert -> "Convert Color" -> Result: #988DC5
   The alpha value is always valued as 1, even if 0.5 is specified


Use the middle part: Convert PureBasic Color to RGB

   If for a better overview the RGB color code of a PureBasic compliant Color value are
        required or otherwise necessary, insert the PureBasic color value into the input field.
   then press the buton: "Convert Color"


   $C58D98 insert -> "Convert Color" -> Result: RGB(152,141,197)


The most interesting feature is the "color picker" in the lower part of the
Color Conversation Tool v3.

Should be a specific color value needed from a graphic or website or a particular color
Site on the desktop, then comes this very useful feature to the

For best use it is advantageous to activate the "Always on Top" checkbox

- the tool now remain always on top

- now activate the Checkbox: "Color Picker"

- use the mouse to move to the desired location on your monitor and capture pixel accuracy
  the RGB color value by left-clicking the left mouse button.

This sends the color code to the input field and deactivates the checkbox again
"Color picker" so that the color code can be reused.


programming:         Inc & UDG @ Unknown Design Group
idea and concept:      Inc @ Inc Design
original programming:    Inc & Freefall
copyright:                 2014/ 2017
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