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I found this on a french Purebasic site, it`s old but still works on Purebasic 5.44
All credits go to Pjay for releasing the source. I thought you might like this inc.
Sorry, all the code didn't display, so i added an attachment
The code below is the initialization code for the glsl
The attachment has the full working code, which includes around 40 test shaders
Code: [Select]
;{ Opengl shader setup & routines
Prototype glCreateShader(type.l)
Prototype glCreateProgram()
Prototype glCompileShader(shader.l)
Prototype glLinkProgram(shader.l)
Prototype glUseProgram(shader.l)
Prototype glAttachShader(Program.l, shader.l)
Prototype glShaderSource(shader.l, numOfStrings.l, *strings, *lenOfStrings) :
Prototype.i glGetUniformLocation(Program.i, name.s)
Prototype glUniform1i(location.i, v0.i)
Prototype glUniform2i(location.i, v0.i, v1.i)
Prototype glUniform1f(location.i, v0.f)
Prototype glUniform2f(location.i, v0.f, v1.f)
Prototype glGetShaderInfoLog(shader.i, bufSize.l, *length_l, *infoLog)
Global glCreateShader.glCreateShader = wglGetProcAddress_("glCreateShader")
Global glCreateProgram.glCreateProgram = wglGetProcAddress_("glCreateProgram")
Global glCompileShader.glCompileShader = wglGetProcAddress_("glCompileShader")
Global glLinkProgram.glLinkProgram = wglGetProcAddress_("glLinkProgram")
Global glUseProgram.glUseProgram = wglGetProcAddress_("glUseProgram")
Global glAttachShader.glAttachShader = wglGetProcAddress_("glAttachShader")
Global glShaderSource.glShaderSource = wglGetProcAddress_("glShaderSource")
Global glGetUniformLocation.glGetUniformLocation = wglGetProcAddress_("glGetUniformLocation")
Global glUniform1i.glUniform1i = wglGetProcAddress_("glUniform1i")
Global glUniform2i.glUniform2i = wglGetProcAddress_("glUniform2i")
Global glUniform1f.glUniform1f = wglGetProcAddress_("glUniform1f")
Global glUniform2f.glUniform2f = wglGetProcAddress_("glUniform2f")
Global glGetShaderInfoLog.glGetShaderInfoLog = wglGetProcAddress_("glGetShaderInfoLog")
Procedure Shader_Compile_Link_Use(Vertex.s,Fragment.s,Use.i=1)
  Protected VertShader.i, FragShader.i, *TxtPointer, Program.i
  Protected Textlength.i, Mytext.s = Space(1024)
  ;/ Compile Vertex shader
  VertShader.i = glCreateShader(#GL_VERTEX_SHADER)
  *TxtPointer = @Vertex
  glShaderSource(VertShader, 1, @*TxtPointer, #Null)
  Debug "Vert: "+VertShader
  Debug MyText
  ;/ Compile Fragment Shader
  FragShader.i = glCreateShader(#GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER)
  *TxtPointer = @Fragment
  glShaderSource(FragShader, 1, @*TxtPointer, #Null)
  Debug "Frag: "+FragShader
  Debug MyText
  ;/ Create Shader Program
  Program = glCreateProgram()
  Debug "Attached Vert Shader"
  Debug "Attached Frag Shader"
  Debug "Link program"
  If Use = 1
  ProcedureReturn Program 
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