Author Topic: [SOLVED] Help with Vertex Mapping  (Read 497 times)

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[SOLVED] Help with Vertex Mapping
« on: April 28, 2017 »
Hiya Guy`s Im having a problem resizing this
Code: [Select]
glTexCoord2f_(0,0.3125) : glVertex2i_(609,20)
  glTexCoord2f_(1,0.3125) : glVertex2i_(609+32,20)
  glTexCoord2f_(1,0) : glVertex2i_(609+32,25)
  glTexCoord2f_(0,0) : glVertex2i_(609,25)

Im trying to make this quad larger, but im not sure how?

UPDATE: Ive worked it out   :updance:   GlVertex2i_(W,H)    0 is bottom left Corner
What confused me at first was the 609+32   I dont know why they didnt just code it 641?  Oh well..The 2d screen is mine  O0
Weird texture Cords in the above code
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