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Plasma in 128b FASM source
« on: October 31, 2018 »
Because the world needs more cruddy asm lol. At one point I had this down to like 106b but I was losing quality, it looked less plasma-y and more like some weird sinusoidal blob. This captures some of the feel of Argon by Matrix which I really like

Code: [Select]
;▒ 10/2018 by Boogop
;▒  Plasma in 128 bytes
;▒      FASM source
;▒ Acknowledgements:
;▒ - wally/rage for the sin generator and rbz for
;▒   the analysis thereof
org 100h

mov     al,13h              ; set mode 13
int     10h
push    0a000h              ; stick video segment in es
pop     es

;------- set palette ---------
xor     ax,ax
mov     dx, 3c9h            ; who needs 3c8h!
@redup:                     ; red-blue palette
out     dx,al
xchg    al,ah
out     dx,al
out     dx,al
xchg    al,ah
inc     al
cmp     al,127
jne     @redup
xchg    al,ah
out     dx,al
out     dx,al
xchg    al,ah
out     dx,al
dec     al
jnz     @bluedn

mov     cx,783Fh            ; harmonic oscillator by wally/rage
xor     si,si
mov     ax,65497
imul    cx
add     si,dx
add     cx,si
mov     [bx],ch
sar     byte [bx],1
dec     bx
cmp     bx,16383
jne     sin1
mov     si,bx

xor     di,di               ; Reset vga position
mov     cx,[p_pos1]         ; stick position val into cx
mov     ax,255              ; magic number. imul leaves result
imul    cx                  ; in dx:ax which will do for dx vals
mov     ah,160              ; X counter. since we're using stosw
                            ; we only have to loop 320/2 times
push    ax
                            ; plasma calcs
mov     bl,dl
add     ax,[si+bx]
mov     bl,dh
add     bl,cl
add     ax,[si+bx]
mov     bl,cl
add     ax,[si+bx]
mov     bl,ch
sub     bl,dl
add     ax,[si+bx]
pop     ax
add     dx,0102h            ; add movement
dec     ah                  ; decrement the x counter
jnz     @x_loop             ; test for 0
add     cx,0102h            ; add movement
cmp     di,320*200          ; use di for the y_loop counter
jb      @y_loop             ; test for 0
inc     [p_pos1]
nop                         ; pad to 128 bytes lol
jmp      @main

p_pos1      dw 0

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