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Amiga remakes
« on: March 20, 2019 »
Hi all..

I've intended to release a remake for quite some time, however I've had a bad burnout from coding and hasn't been able to finish it until now. However, I'm not here to complain, I'm here to ask some questions as per usual :)

I have no problems starting out with lots of projects, it's the completion that I have a problem with, just like many people; I pick a too big project and just push on and then get stuck on small things that feel huge, even if they are not.
I was wondering if there were some other people here interested in doing remakes who could perhaps help each other out with ideas, explanation of how certain demo-effects were made and things like that?

I will be releasing the remake I've done; "Fashion - Fashionating" hopefully this weekend, and with it I will be releasing the source code (c with some c++, mainly overloading). However I will be feeling sorry for the ones reading the code.

I intended to write the code as some sort of general framework to make it easier to make remakes in the future, but I think I will have to do some changes for that to really happen.

Finally, if nothing else, are there any Amiga demos that you'd like to see remade? I prefer older demos, like before 90:s, but anything works I guess. Preferably not a "mega-demo" again ;) as that was a bit big to start off with.